Bold statements

What kind of idiot writes about the future? Well, we’ve tried to. So we must be idiots.

I haven’t written a ‘paper’ for as long as I can remember. But it was a good, disciplined (of sorts), exercise and made me think a lot about how successful we’d been with developing the Compass Lounge at the National Maritime Museum. Co-writing the paper (with Fiona) for the Museums and the Web conference has helped to formalise those thoughts. I think we are doing the right things, and we’ll be making them better over the next 12 months. What I hope is we get the chance to really understand how to make them better; working with visitors more, genuinely understanding why some things are failing, without the panic that the future has already moved on and we got it wrong.

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New for 2012

So a committment then, to re-invent this space a little.

Or even to perhaps use it properly once again, with a bit more vim, vigour and verve.

It’s the only way to get through these tough times, no? Hit it head on. Have a go. Crank it up a notch.

It’s an Olympics year too, and in London, on my doorstep.

We’ll see.

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French architecture

Took a stroll around the national library in Paris a couple of weeks ago. It’s a stunning piece if architecture, but like so many parts of Paris it’s quite brutal and stripped back so that you feel a bit alienated, like you’re making the place a bit dirty by being there. But it’s also like being in the future, which feels good.


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